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TANNOY Turnberry GR -per paar-
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 Naam: TANNOY Turnberry GR -per paar-
 Fabrikant: TANNOY
 Prijs: € 6.950,00
 Garantie: 5 jaar
 Website: http://www.tannoy.com/prestige/

speciale prijs 4500,00 per set t/m 27 november 2017!!

TANNOY Prestige Turnberry GR

Tannoy is proud to announce Prestige Gold Reference. This major upgrade to the entire Prestige SE series of loudspeakers marks another significant chapter in Tannoy’s illustrious history.

Forty-five years of evolution later and the new Gold Reference redefines the Dual Concentric™ driver concept with cutting edge audio engineering technologies. New cone materials, new HF compression diaphragms, upgraded crossovers and extensive use of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on top Prestige GR models mark the introduction of Gold Reference as a milestone in Tannoy’s loudspeaker development.

In celebration of Gold Reference and Tannoy’s proud heritage, each hand-crafted Prestige GR cabinet is finished with revised real wood veneering and luxury gold finish trim. The original Tannoy ‘lighting strike’ logo is incorporated throughout the GR models, bringing this iconic emblem back to the timeless traditional styling of the Prestige series. Without doubt the Gold Reference enhancements deliver Tannoy’s most refined, articulate and musically engaging Prestige series to date.

Since the inception of Tannoy’s Monitor Gold Dual Concentric driver in 1967, the Prestige series of loudspeakers has continued to set the standard for pin-point acoustic accuracy, high efficiency and easy to drive impedance characteristics. The Gold Reference Duals take those benchmarks to new levels by deploying much of the cutting edge technology developed for the flagship Tannoy Kingdom Royal.

At the top of Tannoy’s new Prestige GR range, both the Canterbury GR and Westminster Royal GR are fitted with a newly developed cone material to increase rigidity across the larger surface area of these 15 inch drivers. These models now deliver an even more dynamic presentation with reduced colouration and an incredibly natural mid band response.

Major revisions to the Gold Reference Dual Concentric drivers and findings from the Kingdom Royal development project have resulted in crossover improvements across the new Prestige GR series.

ICW ClarityCap™ MR capacitors are still used in the Westminster Royal, Canterbury and Kensington GR models, with the leadout wires now PTFE insulated 99.99% single strand silver wire, extruded to our specification. The result of a ground breaking two year research program, these devices offer excellent self damping characteristics and class leading audio performance. Revised low loss laminated core inductors and new thick film resistors are used throughout the Prestige GR crossovers, chosen for their ability to resolve micro dynamic detailing.

Significant performance advances have been achieved on Kensington GR, Canterbury GR and Westminster Royal GR models with the use of Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) on the entire crossover and its cabling components. This complex process enhances audio characteristics at component level and offers end-to-end improvements in the metallic crystal structure of the entire signal path. Using NextGen™ WBT-0703 connectors and Tannoy’s unique fifth ground terminal throughout the range, the Gold Reference series proudly boasts exceptionally advanced passive loudspeaker electronics.

To celebrate the launch of Prestige Gold Reference and the latest evolution of the world famous Monitor Gold Dual Concentric driver, Prestige GR cabinets benefit from a range of external styling enhancements to reflect the quality and craftsmanship within.

The GR cabinets include milled and machined detailing in the timber and new front baffle inlays using the finest real wood veneers. The natural woodgrain beauty of each GR model is enhanced with a range of traditional timber treatments, from hand-oiled panels to deep laquering on key detail areas. This is complemented by precision machined metalwork, hard anodised in a warm gold finish.

Prestige models have long been regarded as the world’s finest traditional loudspeaker cabinets and Prestige GR construction remains unchanged. Hand-crafted from the highest grade materials by Tannoy’s finest artisans using time-honoured joinery methods, each cabinet represents a unique and bespoke piece of fine acoustic furniture. The GR series sees the return of the famous Tannoy ‘lightning strike’ logo, serving to remind owners of the rich heritage and decades of technical development that have gone into each and every Prestige Gold Reference loudspeaker.

Specifications :

Recommended amplifier power ( WRms) : 30 - 180
Frequency response (-6 dB) : 34 Hz to 25 KHz
Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1 m) : 91 dB
Dual Concentric high frequency : 33 mm (1,3”) with aluminium alloy dome, with Tullip Waveguide
Dual Concentric low frequency :250 mm (10”) treated paper pulp cone with HE twin roll fabric surround. 52 (2”) edge wound voice coil
Cabinet : Enclosure type Distributed port
Dimensions H x W x D : 950 x 456 x 336 mm
Volume : 100 Litres
Weight : 30 kg



Adres: Stationsweg 87
  9471 GM Zuidlaren
Telefoon: (050) 409 4047
Internet: http://www.hifihuis.nl
E-mail: info@hifihuis.nl

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