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CASTLE Avon 2 -per paar-
Hier vindt u alle informatie met betrekking tot het gekozen artikel. Wanneer u dit artikel wilt bestellen klik dan op 'Bestellen'.

 Naam: CASTLE Avon 2 -per paar-
 Fabrikant: Castle
 Prijs: € 1.398,00
 Garantie: 5 jaar
 Website: http://www.castle.uk.com/avon-series/

Geweldige CASTLE Avon monitor met originele Castle True Ribbon tweeter en inline transmissielijn voor schoon en diep laag.

Castle Avon-2

3-way bookshelf speaker
SDEL - Single Drive Extended Line
150mm Woven Carbon Fibre Woofer
115mm Woven Carbon Fibre Mid-range
12 x 45 mm True Ribbon
88dB Sensitivity
25-100W Recommended Amp. Power
96dB Peak SPL
8Ω Compatible
3.3Ω Minimum Impedance
50Hz ~ 20kHz Frequency Response
45Hz Bass Extension
HxBxD: 475 x 210 x 310mm
10.5kg each

prijs per paar!

Here we have the newest revision to the high end range of Castle speakers - the Avon series.

Within the Avon series there are two bookshelf sized models, two floor standing models and a centre speaker. The Avon series is designed to give an accurate and detailed open sound that is wonderful for Hi-Fi as well as giving a splendid clarity and detail to any movies and TV shows.

The Avon 2 is the largest of the bookshelf speakers in the line up. The Castle Avon 2 is a 3 way bookshelf speaker finished in a choice of real wood veneer finishes. 3 Way bookshelf sized speakers used to be quite common, however they are unfortunately rather rare nowadays. Being a 3 way speaker allows the designers a better choice of which frequencies go to which driver and generally allows for a superior mid-range and lower bass than a simple 2 way design. In fact one of the last bastions of 3 way bookshelf sized speaker designs are medium to high end dedicated studio monitor type speakers.

Castle's Avon series is all about low distortion, highly accurate speakers that utilise a suite of speaker technologies to achieve this end. The Castle engineers have incorporated several technologies throughout the Avon line-up that are usually only seen in high end speakers, and of course being Castle speakers, they are all finished in a beautiful furniture grade wood veneer making sure that these speakers look as great as what they sound.

The Avon series is the new Transmission Line System range from Castle. Retaining their hand built, real wood veneers and featuring the latest technology in Transmission Line systems, the Avon loudspeakers are at the forefront of pure and precise sound that has been polished to perfection.

Castle engineers embarked on a three year investigation into the acoustics, mathematics and all performance aspects of Transmission Line loudspeakers. The engineers solved age old problems using advanced computer modelling to yield floor standing loudspeakers that provide the highest possible bass articulation and extension without the boominess of many ported designs.

Another reasonably unique feature of the Avon speaker range is the use of Ribbon Tweeters. Ribbon tweeters are used in quite a few very high end speakers across several brands as well as in an assortment of professional studio monitors. Ribbon tweeters are renowned in general for very linear extended treble response coupled to a fast transient response. What this means is that you get a very detailed, airy top end that can recreate all the subtlety and speed of things like strings, acoustic guitar (such a s Flamenco Guitar), brushed cymbals / hi-hats and anything that needs a brilliant, fast high end without the inherent harshness of metal dome tweeters... but with a lot more bite and realistic response time than most soft dome type tweeters. The ribbon tweeter perfectly complements the ultra-low bass extension from Castle’s research and development. An ultra-thin alloy sandwich acts as the voice-coil and diaphragm, while the whole radiating area is driven directly, responding accurately to the music signal without energy storage or breakup. This produces a supreme high end resolving the harmonic content of the music in a thrilling, natural way.

Castle Acoustics has been a loudspeaker manufacturer in the truest possible sense since 1973, with both design and manufacture of their world famous speakers housed entirely in one factory. The brand was formed with the founding concept of being a complete loudspeaker manufacturer and despite changing times and the globalisation of manufacturing, Castle maintains the same principle as the basis for the company. Castle have been famous for their gorgeous real wood veneer finishes, as much as for the silky smooth, accurate sound that makes them an absolute pleasure to listen to.


Adres: Stationsweg 87
  9471 GM Zuidlaren
Telefoon: (050) 409 4047
Internet: http://www.hifihuis.nl
E-mail: info@hifihuis.nl

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