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 Naam: YAMAHA LSX-170w
 Fabrikant: YAMAHA
 Prijs: van € 499,00
voor € 379,00
 Garantie: 1 jaar
 Website: http://nl.yamaha.com/nl/products/audio-visual...


uiterlijk LSX-170: 100%
uiterlijk verpakking: 99%

When lit, the Yamaha LSX-170 looks like a lamp, but itís actually a speaker. Part of the Relit Japanese brand family, which includes audio products related to relaxation at home. With it, you can enjoy nice music or sounds with soft lighting. A truncated cone shape, the light diffusing powered speaker and the sound cover 360 horizontally around. Shows two light rings, symbolizing the broad sonic circle. At the base, in addition, there are six LEDs that create an effect similar to the usual points of light on the stage of the theater halo. The light is diffused by a cone made of aluminum coated and polished to a mirror finish.

The outside of the product consists of two sheets of curved steel, a material that Audi engineers have chosen both for its high durability properties as its acoustic characteristics. These two layers produce a semi-transparency, revealing the beautiful interior of the speaker even when the light is off. This speaker is available in two colors: bronze and black. The panel controls are installed in the bottom of the speaker, right at the end of the base. In the center is the receiver of the remote control signal. On the left side are buttons to turn off the light, and to select the strobe intensity. On the right are the power switch and the controls to adjust the volume. There is a small light just below the receiver remote control, which displays the status of the device.


Adres: Stationsweg 87
  9471 GM Zuidlaren
Telefoon: (050) 409 4047
Internet: http://www.hifihuis.nl
E-mail: info@hifihuis.nl

0 product(en)

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