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ProAc STUDIO 148 -prijs per paar-
Hier vindt u alle informatie met betrekking tot het gekozen artikel. Wanneer u dit artikel wilt bestellen klik dan op 'Bestellen'.

 Naam: ProAc STUDIO 148 -prijs per paar-
 Fabrikant: ProAc
 Prijs: € 2.400,00
 Garantie: 5 jaar
 Website: http://www.proac-loudspeakers.com/html_files/...

The latest ProAc Studio 148 are the replacement to the award-winning renowned Studio 140 Mk2, and offer a variety of tweaks, upgrades and improvements.

The choice of cone material plays a vital role in the upgrading of speaker sound quality. ProAc decided to return to a papercone as featured in the original Studio 140 due to the popular use over many years. The behaviour of paper cone has been throroughly tried and tested and in general, is still used in even the most expensive speakers.

Often, the trade-off for achieving detailed and uncoloured midrange comes at the expense of the bass response, that is another reason why ProAc chose a paper cone along with making significant improvements to the driver magnet, voice coil assembly, dust cap and the introduction of a phase plug to the centre drive for better dispersion.


The new Studio 148 is a two and a half way system using the natural roll-off of the bottom driver and the midrange abilities of the upper driver, with both these units producing bass. The tweeter has been replaced by the HF unit featured in the Response D2 and other high-end models, which has been chosen for its sweet, detailed and natural high frequency abilities. Improvements will be noticed in the bass response, which is both more extended and cleaner when compared to the Studio 140 Mark 2.

The cabinet size remains the same as its predecessor with internal bitumous damping panels and a specially tuned port situated on the cabinet base with through plinth routing for bass loading. The speakers are supplied with a set of floor spikes that screw into the plinth bases.

The ProAc studio 148 comes in a variety of real wood veneers and is above average for efficiency, enabling the use of small high quality valve amplifiers and transistor amplifiers.

Dimensions (HWD): 1040 x 190 x 280mm
Weight: 19 kg each unpacked.

leverbaar zonder meerprijs in:
Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Satin White.


Adres: Stationsweg 87
  9471 GM Zuidlaren
Telefoon: (050) 409 4047
Internet: http://www.hifihuis.nl
E-mail: info@hifihuis.nl

0 product(en)

€ 0.00