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ATLAS Element USB A-B 100cm
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 Naam: ATLAS Element USB A-B 100cm
 Fabrikant: Atlas
 Prijs: € 55,00
 Website: http://www.atlascables.com/element-sc-usb.htm...

uitvoering: Solid Core
lengte: 100cm

The latest generation of our hugely popular Element USB cable is the Element sc (solid core) USB.

Through extensive testing, Atlas found that the use of solid core silver-plated copper conductors covered in low loss foamed polyethylene delivered the most consistent performance for the data streams.Conventional USB cables use, twisted pairs for data transmission, and signall degradation is an inevitable result, a combination of frequency dispersion and skin effect losses, compounded by the quality of the cable construction and are worsened by; the use of poor quality conductors , the mismatch between conductor lengths, twist ratios between conductor pairs, stranded data pairs as well as the dielectric and shielding strategies put in place.

The use of solid core conductors reduces internal data reflections between each strand of each conductor, and allows for the exact measurement of each twisted pair, reducing the ‘skew effect.’ This means that all data transmitted along the cable reaches the receiver at exactly the same time, reducing jitter and increasing performance.

Combined with newly developed triple screening and hefty power and ground conductors, this new cable minimises the losses normally associated with high-speed USB cables and helps reduce the number one performance killer in digital music systems – Jitter.

The connector plugs for the Element sc USB are a unique Atlas design, engineered to be the best in class. The gold-plated metal plug and anthracite head-shell connector aredesigned to keep the characteristic impedance of the cable as stable as possible to reduce jitter even further whilst maintaining a tight fit in the socket.


Adres: Stationsweg 87
  9471 GM Zuidlaren
Telefoon: (050) 409 4047
Internet: http://www.hifihuis.nl
E-mail: info@hifihuis.nl

0 product(en)

€ 0.00